At Argosy Wealth Management, we have designed wealth management options and a decision-based methodology specifically for the unique needs of aerospace professionals. Our advanced strategies go beyond the typical wealth management options in order to address the needs of aerospace employees and provide a launch pad for a successful retirement.

Major Concerns for Many Aerospace Professionals:

Should I retire and when?

What are the risks to consider? Healthcare costs? Survivorship benefits before retirement?

How do I maximize my pension? PBGC rate change? Are there better choices than the 5 year payout?

How do I handle my 401(K) assets? Market decline impact?

What other issues should I consider when thinking about retirement?

How do I approach work/life balance when planning for my best life?

How do I plan for taxes in retirement?

How do I best manage my employee benefits?

We Solve for the Concerns of Aerospace Professionals:

  • Retirement Income Solutions: Strategies for providing consistent income in a volatile market environment.
  • Pension Analysis: Review issues regarding timing and alternatives.
  • Health Care costs projections before age 65.
  • Long term Care analysis: Analyze current company solutions vs. self-funding.

Serving Clients Is Our Passion

The concept that our success depends entirely on our clients’ success is in our DNA. We view our client’s interests as our own and therefore work as advocates ensuring that every decision measures up to the highest of expectations. When we represent our clients, our actions are all focused towards the achievement of goals. We want, as our clients want, every financial decision to result in the best possible outcome.

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