When faced with a financial decision, it is not the problem itself but how you think about the problem that is critical

We know that the decisions you make in your financial life are far more important than the actual investments you have in your portfolio. We have developed a methodology for helping clients plan, problem solve, and think about the issues and consequences in a unique way, thus producing more significant results.

Planning For Your Best Life™

We are personally committed to helping our clients make informed financial decisions to reach their life’s goals. We prepare a custom-designed financial plan for each client that helps guide us toward the investment decisions and other choices, which we believe will yield a high probability of success. Making good investment decisions are not easy for most people. We have a systematic approach that makes the process, starting with planning, more straightforward.

Retirement Income Planning

At retirement, having a predictable, long-term income source is critical. We have created a solution, founded in solid planning, that we believe will help generate predictable, lifetime income while still allowing for some growth.

Keeping You On Track

We understand that things change.  Each stage of life has specific needs that must be addressed to maintain the overall plan goals and financial needs. We revisit the key assumptions in your financial plan year after year in order to keep your investment strategy on track.

Our objective is to help our clients achieve results over the long run. We do not participate in fads and we don’t make bets. We rely on our clearly defined, institutional-level investment process based on financial theory and industry best practices, informed by both quantitative and qualitative factors.  We have considerable experience building well-diversified, low cost investment portfolios that help pursue plan goals. Find out more about our Institutional-Based Investment Process.

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Our planning recommendations are based on both qualitative and quantitative analysis of your objectives, focusing on the relevant investment, tax, estate planning, retirement, and risk management issues.  Our main objective is to help you think about these issues in a way that allows you to make informed, high quality decisions, particularly about the trade offs. We use this information to create a plan to drive the portfolio decisions, not the other way around.

Listening First (And Always)

We begin our planning process by first listening. We spend time discussing philosophy, lifestyle and your goals for the future. We analyze the situation and quantify spending, saving and income goals. In addition, we collect information in order to understand risk tolerance (how market price variability makes you feel) and risk capacity (how much investment loss you are able to sustain). Once we understand your goals, we prepare a financial plan that determines the required rate of return in the investments we need to meet your objectives.

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